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Frequently Asked Questions

The application you fill out before your payment is just your order with APVI.com. You will complete the official application for your process and gather all of the required documents after your order has been placed. 

Don’t worry, we will provide you with all the details you need for your expedited application process!

APVI.com is a third-party US Passport and Travel Visa expediting company registered with the US Department of State and over 90 Embassies. Since 2003, we have assisted over 9 million customers to expedite their US Passports and Travel Visas, and we pass on that experience and knowledge to the processing of all our clients’ documents on time every time! 

APVI.com provides you with all the information and assistance you need for navigating the application process and all applications and supporting documents are reviewed by an APVI specialist before shipping your documents. Once your documents have been received, we will submit them on your behalf to the government for the expedited processing selected. We will notify you when your application is received, submitted and completed and if for any reason there is an issue with the processing of your application, we will help with the re-submission of the corrected items to minimize further delays. 

For more information about APVI.com, please visit our Company Page.

Our order page provides a breakdown of each cost associated with your order. 

There are no hidden fees, all service, Government and Shipping fees are provided upfront before pressing “Process My Order.”

Passport applicants will pay their government fees separate from their APVI processing fee by check or money order included with the documents for submission. For more information on the US Department of State fees associated with passports, please click here

Your documents are gathered together per the checklist provided after your order has been placed. Once you have gathered the required documents, you will upload them to your instructions page. An APVI specialist will review your documents and provide you with a prepaid overnight FedEx shipping label via email. You will place all the required documents into a FedEx shipping envelope and affix the provided label to the front. Drop your application packet to your nearest drop off location (please do not use a dropbox) or schedule a pick-up, and we will provide you with an update once your documents have been received.

Thank you for placing an order with us! Please follow the instructions provided on your instructions page and begin uploading your documents. Once your documents have been uploaded, an APVI specialist will review your documents and email you a prepaid FedEx shipping label. 

Please note that our specialist's hours are 9 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week EST. If you have placed an order outside these hours, a specialist will review your order on the next business day.  

APVI offers same day passport processing. When selecting this option, please remember that this does not include shipping if you are outside of the DC area. For example, if you send your documents on Monday, the processing will begin on Tuesday, as long as the documents arrive to us by 8:30 am. They should be released Tuesday night and back to you on Wednesday. This is barring any delays with shipping or U.S. Department of State and is not applicable if there are issues with the documents inside the sealed envelope.

You must submit an original or certified copy of your US birth certificate or US naturalization certificate. For any applicant 16 years or older that was issued a child passport, your expired, undamaged passport may count as proof of citizenship, as well. The U.S. Department of State will return your proof of citizenship back upon completion of your passport. Please be advised that U.S. Department of State will not accept a printed copy of your proof of citizenship. 

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