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Download your requirement checklist, check off each item as you upload your documents. As your final document, you will sign the checklist and upload it below. Click the plus sign beside any requirement for more information on the requirement and tips for completion.
APVI will contact you
Visit an Acceptance Agent (AA)
After reviewing your application documents with a Passport Specialist, you must appear in person before a designated local government official called an Acceptance Agent (AA).
Find an Acceptance Facility: http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/
Inform the AA that you are using an expediting service to "Hand Carry" your passport application to the Government for processing.
Download the AA Reference Guide and take it with you to the post office (or another passport acceptance facility) in the event the AA is unfamiliar with the Executive Application Policy.

The Acceptance Agent will then:

IMPORTANT: It is acceptable if the AA insists on not sealing into the envelope one or more items collected in Step 1. But make sure to attach those items to the sealed envelope.
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the AA returns the sealed envelope to you so that you can mail it directly to APVI.

Once the sealed envelope is handed to you, please write your:

IMPORTANT: Please send the sealed envelope to APVI as soon as it is sealed. The seal on the envelope expires after four business days.
Ship your application using FedEx

Please send all the required documents to our office using the provided APVI FedEx shipping label.

Inbound Shipping Label
Once the shipping label is ready, you can download it here.

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