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Top Places to Travel Before Summer is Over!

By Kennedee Keys, on August 14, 2019

With just a few weeks of Summer left, check out these destinations to find the best way to spend them!

1. Antigua & Barbuda 

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This beautiful Caribbean island is a go-to for this summer. These sister islands have a total of 365 beaches (one beach for every day of the year), so you could really spend a day at a different beach. These two islands are especially known for a festival that commemorates the abolition of slavery in the British West Indies. This is a very popular festival and it lasts 13 days! They are also known for their bird sanctuary and rainforest. 

2. Naoshima, Japan


If you are an art lover then you need to take a trip to NaoshimaNaoshima has kept its laid-back, beachy vibe and is your go-to island of surreal art. It is well known for its many contemporary art museums, which have transformed this remote island. There are many museums to explore while your there and to finish up your day, an art facility that is also a public bathhouse! It provides a very unique experience while also being a very peaceful and calming place.  

3. Island of Hawaii, Hawaii 

The Island of Hawaii is famous for its incredible natural attractions, especially its volcanoes that have shaped and continue to shape the landscape. You will fall in love with their exotic tropical climate, filled with lush forests and stunning waterfalls, as well as its gorgeous beaches. Even though it's right here in the states people come from all over the world to surf the huge Pacific waves, snorkel among the bright fish and coral, and dive to explore the diverse ocean life.

4. Meghalaya, India

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Meghalaya is an ideal travel destination in India for nature enthusiasts. You will see so many beautiful nature-made landscapes. There are even living root bridges that are grown and not built. Their terraced slopes, beautiful waterfalls, mystic caves, dense forests, and sparkling lakes and rivers will make you fall even more in love with nature's scenery. 

5. Shanghai, China 

Love the city life? Then you need to visit Shanghai. There are so many places to go and things to do. Its skyline is filled with skyscrapers, shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and prestigious arts. There is so much to see, eat and drink in this busy city! Anything is possible in Shanghai. 

With so many options and such little time, it may be hard to choose! The first step for most of these locales is to have a US Passport! Need yours fast? Visit us at to start the process of expediting your US Passport today!  
Kennedee Keys

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Kennedee is a Passport and Visa Specialist at APVI! 


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