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Love Christmas? You won’t want to miss this 3-month Brazilian Celebration

By Brittany Dismuke, on September 16, 2018

Are you a "Christmas Person"? You know what I mean, right? Is Christmas music in your year-round Spotify shuffle? Do your neighbors and friends make comments and grumble about your "early" Christmas decorating? If you are the type of person who loves the smell of Christmas trees, the sparkle of twinkling of colorful lights, and if chestnuts roasting over an open fire keeps your heart toasty year-round, join 1.5 million of your Christmas-loving cohorts in Gramado Brazil, for Natal Luz or “Christmas Lights.” The 2018 Season for Natal Luz begins October 25, 2018 – January 13, 2019 gives you three months of all the Christmas cheer you can dream of!   

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Musical shows, pyrotechnics, interaction with characters, visits with Santa and all the magic of Christmas in one place! Looking through their photos online, it has major “Babes in Toyland” vibes:

Left Image: Babes In Toyland

Right Image: Natal Luz

Started in 1986, Natal Luz is an annual Christmas festival taking place in Gramado. Over the years it has become largest Christmas event in Brazil and has crowned Gramado Brazil’s Christmas capital. 

There are plenty of things to keep you busy and give you that “Hallmark” Christmas feel, but here are few highlights you shouldn’t miss:


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The companies and shops in Gramado are responsible for the decoration of some 70 pine trees in town, with a winner being awarded for the most beautiful. If you are visiting in the last weekend in November, you can get your decorations fix in early by adding the finishing touches at Tannenbaumfest!


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All those lights in Gramado aren’t just electricity, thee are magical characters working in the power plant responsible for the lighting and turning on Christmas. They can’t do it alone, join them at 8:30 pm to add to the power of the participants positive thinking!



Get the feeling of being inside a Christmas Tree by entering a 99-foot-tall space, surrounded by 35,000 ornaments, 2,600 string lights, 1,000 strobe lights and artificial snow machines. I found several mentions of this event online, but no photos. This would be such a awesome experience!

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The Natal Luz spectacle receives a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor, with many commenting on what a beautiful and family friendly location it is. If you are ready to jump into the Christmas season, you can complete your reservations directly with Natal Luz. Make sure to check out to expedite your visa for Brazil. 

Brittany Dismuke

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Brittany is a Passport and Visa Specialist at APVI. 


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