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China: The Motherland for Invention, Culture, and Beauty

By Jennifer Allman-Guinn, on October 28, 2019


China is known for many things; dragons, fireworks, food and, of course, The Great Wall. But beyond these iconic images lies a land steeped in deep cultural ties and incredible technological advances. A visit to China is one that stays with visitors for a lifetime, and when this visit is coupled with the unforgettable views of the Autumnal landscape, the experience becomes that much more special.

Travel Requirements

US citizens should obtain their China e-visas ahead of time through Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your intended visit and should have two blank pages per stamp available. APVI offers a multi-entry visa valid for up to 10 years.

Safety Concerns


China is ranked as a Travel Advisory Level 2 destination due to an occasional tendency of Chinese officials to arbitrarily enforce an exit ban on US citizens. Exit bans can occur when a citizen attempts to leave China with little to no prior warning or information regarding when the ban will be lifted. As a result, citizens have been known to be the victims of threats and harassment, with US citizens at times being unable to leave China for several years. Such bans have occurred as an attempt by officials to coerce US citizens to participate in government investigations, lure visitors back to China, and/or resolve civil disputes in favor of Chinese interests.

Visiting China in the Fall

The Autumn season is a fantastic time to visit China due to its ideal weather and beautiful scenery. The weather remains warm while not being overbearing, and rainstorms are at a minimum. Furthermore, there are usually less tourists throughout the country than in summer, making it easier to get around and see the sights while spending less than the premium prices often found during summer months.

Like many areas in the Northern Hemisphere, October and November are known for their beautiful Fall colors. China is one place in particular where nature enthusiasts should visit to see the changing of the leaves. A few key areas include: 
Beyond the breathtaking views, autumn in China is a festive one. Americans can find themselves celebrating the US Thanksgiving holiday at the end of November. Additionally, locals celebrate the season with a number of fall festivals. Perhaps most exciting, however, is the chance to see the iconic pandas in their natural habitat which, in the Fall, are often accompanied by their babies. Chengdu is one area in which visitors can see the adorable cubs.

Planning a trip to China, especially during the Fall, is a decision that will make the trip a truly memorable one. Ensure your travel visas are squared away by visiting today!
Jennifer Allman-Guinn

About the Author

Jen is a freelance writer and blogger specializing in travel tips and best practices. Other content specialties include pets and animals, sports, healthcare and medical devices, environmental concerns, education, and marketing best practices.


quan rong

Say some friends come to Beijing and have only one day to be introduced to traditional Chinese culture. They might choose to attend an exhibition of Chinese ink painting, enjoy a performance of Beijing opera, or go to a concert of traditional Chinese music. But none of these activities would leave as deep an impression as a visit to Beijing’s Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace is located in the ancient Forbidden City at the heart of Beijing. Constructed during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it is the only intact imperial Chinese palace in existence.

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