American Passport & Visa International

You will need to provide 6 - 10 secondary proofs of identification if:

  • Your Driver's License or State Issued ID has been issued less than 6 months ago. 
  • None of the items from the Proof of Identification list are available to prove your ID. 
Documents that bear your photograph, signature, and/or physical description are particularly helpful.
School Yearbook Photograph
Applicant name and name of the school included.
Employment Identification Card/Records
Federal, State or Municipal Identification Card
Student Identification Card
Driver's License
Valid/Expired/Suspension notice.
Military Records (DD-214)
Selective Service Registration/Classification
Union Membership Cards
Professional License
Nurse, Beautician, Pilot, Mechanic, etc.
Physician's or Immunization Records
Medicare/Health Insurance Card
Welfare Card
Marriage Certificates/Licenses and Divorce Decrees
School Transcripts
Insurance Records
Expired Passport
Hospital Birth Certificate
Baptismal Certificate or other Religious Records
Voter's Registration Card
Income Tax Records/W-2 Forms
Banking Records
Newspaper Articles
Publicity Features
Children's Birth Certificates
With parent's name.
Mortgage, Lease or Rental Agreements
Parents' or Siblings' Birth Certificates