Afghanistan Business Visa Checklist

Please print this checklist to make sure you include and send all items listed here to APVI.

Your Valid Passport

The passport must have at least 6 months remaining validity from your planned date of entry and at least two adjacent blank visa pages. 

You must upload a copy of your passport information page and send your physical, valid and signed passport for submission. 

Signed and Notarized Application Form

The visa application form (A1) must be completed fully, notarized and signed.

You must upload the forms for review and send the printed copies with the rest of your documents for submission.

One Passport Photo

One NEW passport photo: 2x2 inches, in color, full face, front view with a white background. For assistance, click “more information”.

You must upload the photo for review and send a physical copy for submission. 

Support Letter for US Company

Upload a typed letter with your company letterhead, signed by a company officer other than the visa applicant, and addressed to:

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Visa Section
Washington DC. This letter has to include the passport number of the applicant and the Contract number of the project. 

Travel Itinerary

Upload a copy of the travel itinerary and detailed round trip flight information. 

Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Employees of DOD or NATO contractor agencies operating in Afghanistan are required to provide a Letter of Authorization to receive a one-year multiple work entry visa. If you have any questions about LOA, please contact your employer. You do not need to provide LOA for a single-entry one-month work visa. Expired LOA’s will not be accepted. SSN on LOA could be erased using correction fluid to protect your sensitive information.